2017 Residential Mill Rate is 4.216 (municipal and library) plus 4.12 (education mill rate) for a total Mill Rate of 8.336.

2017 Commercial Mill Rate is 4.216 (municipal and library) plus 6.27 (education mill rate) for a total Mill Rate of 10.486.

Base Tax Bylaw 14/2017

Mill Rate Factor Bylaw 15/2017

Information for Taxpayers

  • Taxes are due December 31 of each year.
  • Property owners will continue to receive an assessment and tax notice from their municipality as they have in the past. The municipality will continue to receive property tax payments and remit EPT to the appropriate school division as required by law.
  • The amount owed for EPT will appear on the municipal tax notice. In addition to tax information normally provided by the municipality in previous years, the tax notice will include EPT rates for prescribed property classes - agriculture, residential, commercial/industrial and resource.
  • As of January 1, 2013 discounts and incentives are no longer applicable to EPT. Penalties may still be applied to EPT and the penalty rates are established by the municipality.
  • Municipalities will retain the option to offer or not offer an incentive (discount/rebate) on the municipal portion of the property tax bill.
  • Contact your municipality regarding:
    • paying your taxes through a pre-payment plan
    • the assessed value of your property
    • declaring your tax support for a separate school division (applicable where a separate school division opts to levy EPT).