Council Meetings

Town Council Meeting Format Change effective November 2017

Town Council Executive Meeting
6:00pm Third Tuesday of the Month
Town Office located at 218 Centre St.


Town Council Regular Meeting
7:00pm Fourth Tuesday of the Month
Memorial Hall located at 101 Centre St.  



Executive meetings are held at the Town Office on the third Tuesday of every month.

Council meetings are held at the Memorial Hall on the fourth Tuesday of every month.

Meetings begin at 7:00 PM and are open to the public. Delegations are welcome and can be arranged by following the instructions listed under Delegations to Council Meetings below.

Delegations to Council Meetings

Delegations to Council Meetings are welcomed and encouraged. To ensure delegations are accommodated and the issues are addressed appropriately by Council, the following procedure is in place

     Application Procedure

  • A written request must be received by the Town Officer one week prior to the meeting.  Council will accept no more than two delegations per regular council meeting.
  • The application must include the topic that the delegation will be addressing and the name of the key spokesperson.
  • The application will include a written overview of the content of the presentation.
  • Protocal for all delegates of Council is outlined in the attached Rules of Attending as a Delegation information sheet.
  • The Town Office will notify you of your appointed date and time.