South Shore Elementary School

Castle and Dreams Pre-school
Pre-school students attend South Shore School on non-kindergarten days.
More Info: Kelli Ziglo (306) 729-2025

South Shore School
Box 399
Regina Beach, SK SOG 4CO
Contact Information
Phone: (306) 729-2464
Fax: (306) 729-2565
School Information
Principal: Nicole Young
Grades: K - 8
Enrollment: 148
# of Teachers: 12
# of Education Assistants: 2
# of Band Teachers: 1

South Shore School is located in the resort of Regina Beach 50 kilometers from Regina. The school has a joint-use gymnasium/hall that was constructed with significant financial assistance from the community. A team of staff members meet the academic needs of all through a variety of initiatives such as guided reading, literacy centers, and technology integration. A K-8 intramural program, organized and implemented by Gr. 7 & 8 leadership
teams, supplements the vast extra-curricular offerings which are in place to offer involvement opportunities for all students.


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Lumsden High School
Box 449
Lumsden, SK SOG 3CO

Contact Information
Phone: (306) 731-2262
Fax: (306) 731-2494

School Information
Principal: Randy Wihlidal
Vice Principal: Mark Wiest
Grades: 9 - 12
Enrollment: 350
# of Teachers: 25

Lumsden High School is a Grade 9-12 facility. The education program at Lumsden High is comprised of middle level (grade 9) and secondary level (grades 10-12). The middle level program includes a full academic program, as well as band, industrial arts, home economics, computer, and a fine arts component.

The secondary level program consists of regular programs in various academic areas, locally developed courses of study, a modified education program, a work study program, and an advanced placement program. Lumsden High School offers a variety of extra-curricular offerings

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