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Water Service Disruption/

Water Breaks

May 23/17 - Repairs to the water break affecting the 400 Block of 10th St. E. are scheduled for Wed. May 24/17. 


Water Disruption Water Supply Tap (click image to view larger)








**A Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory (PDWA) may be in Effect (see below)

Bylaw 29/84 Section 2 (b) In case of making repairs to the street mains, or in connecting or repairing service pipes, or in constructing new work, the municipality shall have the right to shut off the service and the water from any consumer, without notice, and keep it shut off as long as may be necessary.

Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory

May 23/17 - 400 Block Green Ave. - Rescind

May 9/17 - 400 Block 7th St. E. - PDWA

May 12/17 - 400 Block 11th St. E. - Rescind