Sask Parks Tree Removal

Issued Nov 16/17

UPDATE:  This has been delayed to next week.

SaskParks has notified the Town of Regina Beach that due to Dutch Elm Disease, a number of trees at the SaskParks Regina Recreation Site will be removed starting Thursday, November 16, 2017.

For further information please contact SaskParks at (800) 205-7070 or 306-725-5200

Coyotes in Our Community

Issued Nov 15/17

For information on coyotes in our community click here

Please TEXT sightings to Critter Gitter at 306 540-3178

Concerns Regarding Coyotes

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Road Closure Update

Issued November 15, 2017

MacMurchy Ave. from 2nd St. W. to 3rd St. W. – Road restrictions and closures for temporary periods throughout the day.

Drainage improvements on the north side of MacMurchy Avenue requires the closure of the street from 2nd Street West to 3rd Street West. The road closure should remain in effect from 8:30am to 4:30PM latest on Wednesday November 15th.

3rd St. W. from MacMurchy Ave. to Fairchild Ave. – Road restrictions

One of several drainage improvement projects currently underway in the community, ongoing work will cause traffic restrictions on 3rd Street West between MacMurchy Avenue & Fairchild Avenue. The traffic restrictions will apply during working hours, 8:00am to 4:30PM. These restrictions will be in effect starting on Wednesday November 15th.

2nd St. W. Daly Ave. to Allan Lane – Road restrictions

Another of the drainage improvement projects currently underway in the community, ongoing work will cause traffic restrictions on 2nd Street West and Allan Lane north of Daly Avenue and west of 1st Street West respectively. The traffic restrictions will apply during working hours, 8:00am to 4:30PM. Work is planned to start on Wednesday November 15th.

8th St. E. from 4th Ave. to 7th Ave. – Road restrictions and possible closures (open to local traffic only)

This project was initiated on Tuesday November 14th and will extend to mid-December 2017 weather permitting. Currently, the work area extends from the lake south to 7th Avenue. This work will have impact to traffic. 8th Street East south of 5th Avenue will have restrictions to traffic and traffic north of 5th Avenue will be restricted to LOCAL traffic only (residents living on that section of the street). Construction will also impact 4th Avenue between 7th Street East and 9th Street East.

Town Office Cosed

The Town Office will be closed on Monday, November 13th in lieu of Rememberance Day.

Road Closure Update

Issued November 2, 2017

Due to the continuing drainage work, Macmurchy Ave between 2nd St W and 3rd St W will be closed tomorrow Friday November 3rd from 8:30 am until 4:00 pm.

Road Closure

Issued November 1, 2017

MacMurchy Ave. between 2nd St. W. and 3rd St. W.- today, November 1st, and tomorrow, November 2nd, from 8:30am to 4:00pm to accommodate drainage work.

Town Council Meeting Format Change - Effective November 2017

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Sask Parks News

The Province of Saskatchewan sends representatives out to Crown lands to check for Dutch Elm Disease.  Their annual inspection has determined 6 or 7 trees around the Regina Beach change house facility and surrounding area have been affected.

These trees are being removed immediately by Sask Parks.  A reforestation plan has been put into place to replace the trees that are removed.  These trees will be of significant size.


Water Main Flushing







Garbage Pick Up Reminder

Issued October 18, 2017

As Per Bylaw No. 01/2009:

3. (a) i) not exceed four large approved garbage bags 66 x 82.5 cm or 67 litres (i.e. green garbage bags) or a combination of bags equivalent to the size of bags above.

4. (a) Removal of brush and bulk refuse shall be the responsibility of the landowner for disposal at the waste management site.

(b) Brush piles shall not be permitted to accumulate for any longer than two weeks at a time.

(e) "Bulk Refuse" means wood, trees, shrubs, stumps, branches, street cleanings, leaves and yard clippings.

Road Closures and Restrictions

Issued October 12, 2017 10:30 am

5th Ave. - from 14th St. E. to 16th St. E. - Currently restricted to one lane.

SK Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure

Issued October 11, 2017 2:30pm

The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure has started work on creating turning lanes on Highway 54 to the grocery store. We have been given an approximate time line of one month for this work to be complete. Please respect the construction zone and stay safe. Thank you.

Road Closures and Restrictions

Issued October 5, 2017 1:30 pm

5th Ave. - from 14th St. E. to 16th St. E. - Currently restricted to one lane.

5th Ave. - from 14th St. E. to 16th St. E. - CLOSED Beginning Tues. Oct 10 9:00am to Wed. Oct 11 4:00pm

5th Ave. - from 14th St. E. to 16th St. E. - when road reopens, construction will be ongoing, continue to expect restrictions and delays.

MacMurchy Ave. - from 2nd St. W. to 3rd St. W. CLOSED Thurs. Oct 5 and Fri. Oct 6 from 8:00am to 4:00pm


Road Closures and Restrictions

Issued October 4, 2017 - 3:20pm 

UPDATE - Road Closures - 5th Ave from 14th St E to 16th St E will be closed until further notice due to unforeseen circumstances

14th St E will be restricted to local traffic and CLOSED to all other traffic until end of day tomorrow.

Road Closures and Restrictions

Issued October 4, 2017

Road Closures 

  • 5th Ave from 14th St E to 16th St.
    • Durationin effect from 8am to 4pm Oct 4th and Oct 5th 
  • 14th St E from 5th Ave to Bryden Cres
    • Duration - 8am to 4pm Oct 4th



Quill Lakes Information Update

Issued September 26, 2017














Council Meeting Location Change

September 26 & October 10, 2017 Council Meetings will be held at the Art & Craft Building @ 223 Centre St. 

Water Treatment Plant

September 12, 2017








Dust Control

August 31, 2017








SaskEnergey Public Service Announcement - Flaring

August 29, 2017

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Dust Control

August 25, 2017

Click Here to view Maps

Please see the attached three maps detailing the 2017 dust control areas in the community. The maps detail the west side, east side and south sides of the community. On each of the maps there are three different coloured lines shown. Blue/purple represent road sections that are identified for two treatment applications, one done at the end of June and the next planned before the end of August.  The red lines represent the road sections that were done in June 2017 and are NOT scheduled to receive another application this year. Green lines represent the road sections that were NOT done in June but are scheduled for treatment in the second treatment application.


Quill Lakes Diversion Plan

August 25, 2017 - Click here to read the notice from the Last Mountain Lake Stewardship Group regarding the Quill Lakes Diversion Plan.  Feel free to forward your thoughts, comments or concerns to the individuals indicated in the notice.

2017 Seasonal Water Line Turn OFF's - October 2, 2017

August 14/17

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Sask Energy Discontinuation of Natural Gas Service

Timelines and Details

Excavation Details

Fire Notice Update

Fire Notice August 16, 2017

Provincial Fire Hazard Map

Aug 3/17

Please see the link below to view the Daily Fire Danger Map



Quill Lakes Diversion Plan

Click here to read the notice from the Last Mountain Lake Stewardship Group regarding the Quill Lakes Diversion Plan.  Feel free to forward your thoughts, comments or concerns to the individuals indicated in the notice.



Dust Control












 Click Here to view Map of East and West dust control.


Town Office Closed July 3,2017












Recycling Date Change

Please note that Crown and Shred will be out next Wednesday, June 28, 2017, instead of Friday.

June 6, 2017 - Press Release












SaskEnergy Disconnection Notice - June 6, 2017

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Dust Control-Test Areas-May 29/17

The Town of Regina Beach Public Works and Utility Department (PWUD) is in the process of completing the schedule for the gravel road upgrade program including the first of two dust control applications for the community. PWUD has per Town Council’s direction, been investigating options/alternatives to improve our ability to address dust control issues on a smaller scale with more control on the timing and delivery of the service.

PWUD have arranged for some smaller test areas to be treated (May 29/17) with a dust suppressant to gauge the effectiveness of the product.

See map below.  Click on image to enlarge.



Over the next couple of months, SaskEnergy will be enhancing its 2017 safety-related inspections of its pipeline system, by performing system maintenance in our community.  You will see Canadian Utility Construction workers carrying out this work.  SaskEnergy will be contacting affected customers.  Work will begin after the May long weekend.


Community Planning Public Meeting-May 16, 2017













Street Sweeping

Thurs. May 4/17 beginning @ 5:00am
Starting on Centre St. - Please do not Park on the street until the work has been completed.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Sandwich boards will be placed to indicate areas being swept.

Temporary Road Closure

There will be a temporary road closure today, April 20,2017, at 2nd St. E. and 2nd Ave. beginning at 10:00am to accommodate a culvert replacement.

Call for Expression of Interest-CLOSED













Trash & Treasures Sale

May 20th 9am-7pm & May 21st 9am-4pm


Regina Beach Slogan Contest

 April 10, 2017 to May 12, 2017

Click on the image below to print your entry form!












Public Works & Utilities Update












Road Closure

ROAD CLOSURE - effective Tuesday, March 28, 2017 until further notice.
The Lane (Fairchild Lane) between Donovel's and ChaChaLaca's will be closed on the east end between the two properties to accommodate work being carried out. The Lane will still be accessible from the west end, 1st St. W.
Thank you for your cooperation.








Bus Drivers Needed








New Speed Limit

There is a new speed limit on Highway 54 starting just west of the school to Centre St.  The new speed limit is 70 km/hr.

Canada Day Parade 2017

If you are interested in having a float in the Canada Day 150 Parade at Regina Beach, contact is Linda @


Website Issue

 This issue has been corrected.  Thank you.  

It has come to our attention that the Contact page on our website has been down due to server maintenance. We have not received emails sent through this page since January 16th. If you have sent anything since that date through our webpage, please email us directly. We are working with our provider to correct this and it should be resolved soon. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We appreciate your patience.

Council Meeting Location & Time


Town Office 2016 Holiday Hours



REMINDER:  Due date for taxes is December 31st each year.  Please take into consideration that the office is closed over the Holiday Season.  Payments date stamped by the post office December 31 or prior will be honoured.  Payments may also be made by post dated cheque, online banking, or dropped in the drop slot to the south of the main door at the Town Office.  All unpaid utility arrears will be transferred to your tax account if not paid by December 31st.  All arrears will be subject to a 1.25% per month interest charge commencing January 1, 2017, and the 1st of each month following until paid in full. 


Coyotes in Our Community

For information on coyotes in our community click here

Library New Hours 2017 & Holiday 2016 Hours





















MacMurchy Ave. Road Closure - Drainage Work - Nov. 23/16

Public Works will be undertaking drainage improvements on MacMurchy Ave. between 2nd St. W. and 3rd St. W. The work will require the road to be CLOSED from 9:00am this morning to late Thursday, November 24th, and possibly to Friday morning, November 25th.

SaskEnergy Natural Gas Service Upgrade-Update - Nov 18

Canadian Utility, the SaskEnergy contractor, will be moving to 5th Avenue to complete their upgrades/repairs on that street after they complete 6th Avenue. It is anticipated that both crews will be busy on 5th Avenue for most of next week. They have indicated that they will make every attempt to carry out their operations such that at least one-lane of traffic is open to traffic. They will manage traffic control for the two-way when required.

Road Closure & Paving Update - Nov 14

ASL Paving will be prepping sections for pavement repairs. The areas they are planning to complete include:

  • 14th Street East from Bryden Crescent to 5th Avenue;
  • 2nd Street East – various road cuts; and
  • 3rd Avenue from 1st Street East to 2nd Street East.


Road Closures & Limitations - Please note that 14th Street East will be closed to traffic tomorrow from Bryden Crescent to 5th Avenue. The other area that may have some traffic flow disruptions is 3rd Avenue. The work on 2nd Street East will be limited in scope/area and as such will not require closure of the entire roadway. 

SaskEnergy Natural Gas Service Upgrade-Update - Nov 14

SaskEnergy's schedule as part of the 2016 Infrastructure Renewal Project by Canadian Utility Contractor has been modified. One of the two crews have been directed to Bryden Crescent to complete a couple of jobs/service connections. Once they have completed these , the crew will me moving onto 6th Avenue to assist their other crew with finishing the work on that street. It is our understanding that this work will take them into tomorrow. Then sometime tomorrow November 15th, one crew will move to 7th Avenue and the other to 5th Avenue.

Road Accessibility Update-Nov 7/16

Lack of traffic access was brought to the Town's attention.  The following is an update:

14th St. E. between 5th Ave. and the first access to Bryden Cres. - traffic access restricted to one lane.

12th St. E. south of 5th Ave - SaskEnergy will be making access for traffic.

We thank you for your patience while rectifying the situation.

Road Closure-November 4, 2016

November 4, 2016 - 14th St E between 5th Ave and Bryden Cres. will be closed from Friday Nov. 4th and may not re-open until Monday Nov. 7th at the latest. 

Beginning Friday, November 4, 2016 - 5th Ave from 6th St. E. to 8th St. E. will be closed for a maximum of 2 days for paving work. 



SaskEnergy Natural Gas Service Upgrade-Update

Oct 27/16 -  Canadian Utility have advised that work on 16th Street will be initiated today. The SaskEnergy utility upgrade work will last today October 27th and tomorrow October 28th. There is a possibility that the work may extend to Monday October 31st. Confirmation of this will be provided in the afternoon tomorrow October 28th based on the status of their progress. This crew will be moving on to Bryden Crescent once the upgrades on 16th Street east are completed.

It should also be noted that work on Centre Street is on-going with the other Canadian Utility crew. The duration of the disruptions on Centre Street have yet to be confirmed by the contractor. It is anticipated that an update will be forthcoming later this morning.

Both crews have been directed to properly delineate their work areas and provide as much warning signage as possible such that residents/drivers are aware of the situation. Furthermore, Canadian Utility have been directed to apprise and work with area residents during their operations to minimize the impacts to all.

Oct 26/16 - Canadian Utility is working on completing work on Shaw Drive. It is expected work on Shaw will be completed October 27th or 28th.  The crew will then be completing work on 16th St. East.  The initial plan was to move to Bryden Crescent after Shaw Drive was complete. However, work priorities have been adjusted by SaskEnergy and Canadian Utility has been directed to complete work on 16th St E.  Once all upgrades/repairs are completed on 16th St E, the crew will then be moving to Bryden Crescent.  Canadian Utility will be advising those residents impacted by this work in advance of moving into the area. 

Oct 21/16-Canadian Utility will be finishing their work on Briere Drive sometime today and moving on to Shaw Drive. Preparation work on Shaw Drive was initiated yesterday and will continue today. Work on the services will start either later today or Monday October 24th 2016. They have indicated that the road is narrow so it will need to be closed at times. They will strive to have the closure limited to parts of the day but if necessary it may be for the whole day. 

Oct 13/16-SaskEnergy’s contractor, Canadian Utility, is currently working in the 300 Block of 1st Street East. It is likely that they will be there till Friday or Monday depending on the scope of the work. Once completed the contractor will be moving to the east side of Center Street from the Esso gas station moving north past the Home Hardware store.


300 Block Fairchild Ave.

Oct 13/16 - The 300 Block of Fairchild Ave. has been closed to accommodate road repairs. This closure could last until tomorrow (Fri. Oct 14/16). Thank you.

Regina Beach Influenza Clinic

Memorial Hall Drop In Wednesday, November 9/16

10:00am-12:30pm and 1:30 to 3:00pm

To view 2016 schedule & locations for rural Regina Influenza Clinics

click here


"Right to the Point and Beyond"

Second history book of Regina Beach and surrounding communities.

Available at:

Papa Geordies
Home Hardware
or; contact Judy at 306-729-2067

SaskEnergy Naural Gas Service Upgrade

Click image below to view













SaskParks Notice

The Regina Beach Recreation Site beach change house will be closed starting Tuesday September 6th for water and sewer line repairs.   Washroom facilities are available by the boat launch and fish filleting building.  

Thank you, Saskatchewan Parks


Regina Beach Water Update









Public Works and Utilities Update 

July 11, 2016 @ 10:45am - The Regina Beach Public Works and Utilities Department (PWUD) wishes to advise that Environment Canada is expecting more precipitation in the Regina Beach area on July 11, 2016.

Please note that town water and drainage issues are being dealt with on a priority basis.

The PWUD thanks all residents for their patience during the period of challenge.

Canada Post Strike












4th Avenue 6th St E. to 9th St. E. Re-opened


The Regina Beach Public Works & Utilities Department is pleased to report the re-opening of 4th Ave. from 6th St. East to 9th St. East.  The road restoration for this section of roadway will require several steps.  As a first step, the Department has graded the road.  Once the exising road surface has been sufficiently compacted by traffic, staff will return to the street and begin the next phase which will include building up the road structure with additional granular material. 








Fireworks Reminder

This is a reminder that as per Town Bylaw No. 5/2011 Fireworks are not allowed in Town.  

To report fireworks outside of regular office hours, please call the Lumsden RCMP.  RCMP have the authority to enforce this bylaw.

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Pest Control

The Town has hired pest control to look after the gopher problem at the ball diamond and Lions Park. 










Public Notice - Legal Survey

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Notice to Residents of Regina Beach:

Verbal or physical harassment of Town Staff will NOT be tolerated. 

We have a zero tolerance policy for any forms of harassment or threats (verbal or physical), direct or implied, as well as violence or physical conduct.

With the current state of events, the Town Staff are working extremely hard and to the best of their abilities to complete work as efficiently as possible.   

Our Staff have the right to work in an environment free from harassment or behaviour that creates an intimidating, offensive, or hostile work environment. 

Any/all incidents of harassment will be reported to management and recorded. 

If Town Staff feel threatened or an extreme disturbance is caused, the RCMP will be contacted.




 eNotice Utility Billing Available

The Town of Regina Beach is participating in a testing period for eNotice Utility Billing.  This testing period will be for the first three billing quarters of 2016.  This will allow residents to receive Utility Notices via email.  

Any resident interested must register by completing the Consent Form and returning it to the office either:
- in person
- in our drop slot
- by mail to Box 10, Regina Beach, SK S0G 4C0 or
- via email to  

If testing goes well, eNotice Utility Billing will remain an option for residents.

Consent Form

Concerns Regarding Coyotes

Click Image to Enlarge










The Lumsden RCMP would like to remind the public to ensure that their property is secured and locked at all times.   Please ensure that your vehicles are locked at all times and do not leave spare keys for your vehicle or items of value inside your vehicle.  Also ensure that all outbuildings and garages are kept locked at all times. 


There have been a rash of thefts from unlocked vehicles in the Regina Beach area and the RCMP is asking for the public's assistance in these matters.

Quill Lakes Will not Move Forward









Click on Image to view




Quill Lakes Fact Sheet

The following information has been provided by the Water Security Agency:

Sent on behalf of Dale Hjertaas Executive Director, Policy and Communications for the Water Security Agency.

As you know, Water Security Agency is examining a potential project to divert flow of Kutawagan Creek away from Big Quill Lake to Last Mountain Lake.  The intent is to slow the rise of the Quill Lakes and reduce flooding, protect highways and prevent an overflow of saline water from Big Quill into Last Mountain Lake.   Some of the concerns Water Security Agency is receiving about the project are based on inaccurate information on the project and its effects.  We have therefore prepared  the attached fact sheet to provide a brief description of the proposed project, its status, and answer a number of the questions we are hearing. While we have shared this information at our open houses and consultation meetings, not everyone was able to visit one of the open houses. 

Additional information on the proposed project is available at the Water Security Agency website ( 











Regina Beach Public Library 

Click on the above image to enlarge

SaskEnergy Maintenance and Upgrades

SaskEnergy will be working over the next few weeks on maintenance and upgrades around Regina Beach.

August 31, 2015 - work will be starting at 7th St. E. & 4th Ave. and 4th St. E. and 3rd Ave.

PDAP Designation Approval

The Town has been approved for designation for July 27 & 28, 2015.  See Town Office/PDAP-Provincial Disaster Assistance Program page for more information.

Water Security Agency Open House



Water Management



Jun 11/15 - Please note that on Tuesday, June 16, 2015, the Town office will be undergoing some computer network maintenance.  As such, there will be disrupted access to our computer system and ability to process payments.  We ask that residents please hold requests until our system is back online Wed. Jun 17/15.  Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

May 19 Press Release

Good afternoon. This is a press release for the Town of Regina Beach.

Over the past year the Town of Regina Beach has been experiencing issues pertaining to slope stability worsened by the high water levels that have plagued South Saskatchewan.  This has had an impact on properties as well as water service in Regina Beach. To date in 2015, the Town has experienced over 30 water main breaks/separations affecting a number of residences, at times as many as 20 or more.  On Monday, May 18th the Town had a serious water main break/separation which could not be isolated for repairs using conventional methods.  As such, the Public Works department was required to alter water service to the entire community. This drastic measure permitted the Town maintenance forces to undertake the necessary repairs much quicker than using other methods. This resulted in the resumption of water service within 24 hours to most of the community with the exception of a few streets where other breaks/separations had occurred.

The Town will continue to communicate the status of its water services to its businesses and residents via its website, Facebook and media releases.

After Hours Water Emergency Phone Number Reminder

The after hours water emergency phone number is for reporting water emergencies only. (ie: water main breaks or water service line breaks). Please do not call this number for inquiry or questions or comments.  Please be respectful.  Town staff work hard to respond to emergency water situations.  Thank you for your cooperation.

House numbers

It is a Bylaw that all houses in Regina Beach have a number positioned in such a place as to make it visible from the street.  Failure to comply with this bylaw could result in a fine.

Ice Fishing Shacks

All fishing shacks are required to be labelled with name, phone number, and address.  Shacks must be off of the lake by no later than March 15.

Shacks not adhering to the above may be removed from the lake.  Contact the Ministry of Environment at 306-787-2080 or the Town Office at 306-729-2202.

It is a Bylaw that all dogs must be licensed

"Every person who owns, possesses or harbours any dog over the age of three months, (onus of proving age of the animal shall be on the owner thereof) shall not later than the 15th day of January in each year or within thirty (30) days of becoming an owner, obtain a license and shall pay therefore an annual fee as set out in Schedule “A” of this bylaw. All licenses issued under the provisions of this bylaw shall expire on December 31 next following the date of issue."

License are available at the Town office which is open from 8:30 - 4:30 Monday to Friday.

Owners of all dogs found wandering can be subject to a fine and if they are not licensed the fine will be adjusted to include the license fee of $5 for dogs that are neutered and $25 for dogs not neutered.

Keep your dogs safe!! and remember not everyone likes dogs!!

Update from SaskEnergy  

Please click here to view Infrastructure Update received from SaskEnergy.

**See Our Emergency Measures Page for Information on Emergency Preparedness.  Some pamphlets are available in the office.

Released on December 15, 2014

The Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport will be working with the Town of Regina Beach to improve drainage within the provincial recreation site.

The heavy rain during the summer of 2014 has resulted in soil saturation and caused erosion and ground slumping of the recreation site.  Drainage improvements will help to prevent water ponding and reduce the impacts from run-off.

The ministry commissioned an independent engineering firm to inspect the recreation site and develop a drainage plan.  The work will take place on the east side of the recreation site, along an old railway bed that has been converted into a walking trail.  The work will include the removal of vegetation along the walking path, grading improvements and the installation of several culverts.

This drainage work will begin immediately and will continue as long as weather and working conditions permit as the culverts will be an important part of mitigating erosion during spring run-off.  Remediation of the site will be determined as the final stage of this project.

The Government of Saskatchewan recognizes the value and importance of Saskatchewan’s provincial parks and continues to invest in them.  The 2014-15 Budget increased funding to provincial parks by 4.6 per cent and capital investments will total a record $14.9 million this year.

Invasive Plant Species

If you're wondering if that plant in your yard, along a path, or just around is an invasive one, check out this website: . It will help you identify it and how to get rid of it!

Dutch Elm Disease

How to Identify and take sample of infected tree