A Day at the Beach 

The Town of Regina Beach can be found on the South Shore of Last Mountain Lake in Southern Saskatchewan.  We are surrounded by lake to the north, the resort Village of Buena Vista to the East, the Village of Kinookimaw to the West and the RM of Lumsden to the south.

Nearby there is a privately owned and run 9 hole golf course, horse riding and Go Carting.

Fishing can be enjoyed winter and summer, do not forget you have to buy your licneses online.  We also have many wonderful places for walking, cycling and running.

Check out our Parks & Recreation and Events pages to see what is currently happening in the community.


Rediscover the carefree holidays of your childhood when life was filled with simple pleasures - ice cream cones on a hot summer day and lazy afternoons of boating, fishing and swimming. Spend a day at the beach...

Regina Beach has been a family vacation tradition since the early 1900's. That's when holiday-goers first discovered its natural sand beach and sheltered swimming area. Today a whole new generation is discovering that a day at the beach is just the right medicine for our fast-paced world.

Regina Beach has always been known for its old-fashioned charm. Now, fully modern recreation and town facilities have added a new level of comfort to the community. That not only makes Regina Beach a great place to vacation, it makes it a great place to live. 

A Day at Regina Beach - or a weekend or a week -- it's an easy way to spend a holiday.  Come join us!