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March 21, 2014 - April 21, 2014

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A Day at the Beach

Rediscover the carefree holidays of your childhood when life was filled with simple pleasures - ice cream cones on a hot summer day and lazy afternoons of boating, fishing and swimming. Spend a day at the beach...

Regina Beach has been a family vacation tradition since the early 1900's. That's when holiday-goers first discovered its natural sand beach and sheltered swimming area. Today a whole new generation is discovering that a day at the beach is just the right medicine for our fast-paced world.

Regina Beach has always been known for its old-fashioned charm. Now, fully modern recreation and town facilities have added a new level of comfort to the community. That not only makes Regina Beach a great place to vacation, it makes it a great place to live. 

A Day at Regina Beach - or a weekend or a week -- it's an easy way to spend a holiday.  Come join us!



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